Teysa Envoy of Ghosts Cosplay

So back in November of last year I got an email from Mark Purvis saying he had seen me mention how much I would love to show up at a prerelease as one of the main characters of that set and asked if I would be interested in making that happen. Of course I said yes (and started crying haha) one signature on an NDA contract later, I get 3 pictures to choose from and the first one was the brand new Teysa. Now for a little of my personal history, my friend pretty much gave me a run down on what all the colors of mana do, so to speak, and what flavor each of them brought. Black and white really stood out and appealed very much to me, so he let me choose from a box of old crads to put together my first deck. all of the cards just so happened to be from the original ravnica and just so happened to have the original Teysa Karlov card. After telling my friend how much i enjoyed the game he let me borrow the ravnica novels (which I devoured) and Teysa forever stood out as one of my favorite characters in all of Magic :)
I am super excited to see the end result of this project, and it is very near! Follow my Facebook and twitter to see the champion of the Obzedat come to life on my twitter and Facebook!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CSprankleCosplay
Twitter: @cspranklerun

And as a special added bonus the Wizards of the Coast has let me give you a first real look at the official art for Teysa Envoy of Ghosts!

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